How to prepare a cup of coffee?

Add one pod per 6 FL OZ (200ml) of hot or cold water. Squeeze more for a stronger cup, and less for a milder cup. Press’d is all about personalization and having fun – so experiment to find your perfect squeeze!

Is it really just coffee in there?

Yes 100% coffee! Check out the ingredients on the box: Liquid coffee & ground coffee. That’s it.
And an infusion of natural flavor for our Squeeze bottle vanilla & caramel coffee (No Artificial Flavors, No Sugar).

Where do the beans come from?

We use the finest Arabica beans from Colombia for all of our blends.

Is there anything artificial in there?

Absolutely not! Just coffee. No artificial flavors or sweeteners.

How do you make liquid coffee?

We use a patented natural extraction and low temperature brew method to craft a smooth cup of coffee.

Can I make an iced coffee or use Press'd in baking?

Press’d is designed to add to anything so it’s perfect for making iced coffee or smoothies or baking. Check out our recipes!

How much caffeine is in each cup?

Press’d has around 70 mg of caffeine per cup, just like most americano coffees.